How To Be Successful During A Fast


So you’re going to fast huh?  Well first what exactly is a fast?  Here at 31 Modes Of A Virtuous Woman we define a fast as a period of time where you focus on God in addition to abstaining from certain types of food or food altogether.  Fasting is when we specifically deny something of the flesh to glorify God, enhance our spirit, and go deeper in our prayer life.

Well where do I begin you ask?  I am going to share here some of the tips that have worked for me.  I have been fasting consistently (minimally 3-4 times annually) since 2009.  My fasts have ranged from 21 days to 60 days per fast.  So I have learned a lot through trial and error.  Before I get into what has worked for me let me say here that if you have health issues and or concerns you should absolutely consult your doctor before beginning any fasting journey.

I also want to mention that food is not the only thing you can fast- you can fast sex(this must be a conversation & agreement with your spouse first); social media; watching TV; shopping; unnecessary spending; socializing; listening to certain types of music; certain behaviors, etc. you get the idea.  Fasting is not always about food and often it is not only about food.

I see fasting as a clearing out.  A clearing out of distractions; a clearing out of my body; and a clearing out of my mind.  This clearing out allows me to better hear from and focus on God. 

Below are some tips on how to have a successful fast, these are the ones I find most important and useful…


  • Decide Reason for Fast- Set your Objective
  • Make A Commitment-
    • What type of Fast
    • How long will fast be
    • How much time will be spent with God daily
    • What activities will you limit/fast
  • Preparation
    • Withdrawal from addictions, i.e. caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and or sugar
    • Keep snacks handy
    • Follow A Plan or Create a schedule
    • Physically and Spiritually
  • Accountability
    • You may want to fast with a partner or group
  • Journaling
    • Your thoughts, tracking of food, revelations received
  • Give Yourself Grace
    • If you fall off or make a mistake, just pick where you were
  • Expect a Move of God
  • Stay Hydrated- Water, Water, and more Water!
    • Dehydration is dangerous at any time but especially during a fast
  • Take A Walk- get in nature
    • I find this a good way to hear from God
  • Ending Fast
    • Do this gradually and properly

These are a few tips I wanted to share with you.  For those that go on fasting journeys with me- we go into more detail.  Do you have some tips to share? Leave a comment!



  1. Carline Emile
    13 Jan 2021 01:12:46

    These tips are on point. To be successful you must have a plan and execute it.

  2. Darie Martin
    14 Jan 2021 18:39:47

    You are so right about staying hydrated. It is crucial, especially if your body starts to go into detox mode when you eliminate caffeine or sugar! Thanks for the tips.

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