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Dear God … is a 52-week prayer challenge. It is designed to demystify prayer and to help you strengthen your prayer muscle or help you to
develop it.

Prayer is simply a conversation between you and God. Here’s the thing though – it does not require that you are longwinded. This challenge is about helping you understand that God hears all prayers big and small;
long or short.

The prayers we will be praying will generally be one to three sentences long. You will receive one prayer weekly for you to pray throughout the course of the week.

Let’s get 500 women praying!  Tell a friend to tell a friend … It is the praying woman who makes a difference in the lives of others.

She encourages, enlightens, and edifies. Her life is evidence of Christ’s realness, His closeness, His desire to know us intimately.

My prayer is that this challenge helps someone - helps them understand that prayer doesn’t have to be drawn out to be effective. I pray that this challenge helps you to make prayer a habit, but most importantly I pray that the Dear God Prayer Challenge brings us all closer to God and deepens our personal relationship with Him.

When you register for the 52-week Dear God Prayer Challenge:

Challenge Packet – which you can type directly into, which includes:

  • 52 Weekly Prayers
  • 52 Weekly Reflections Pages
  • 52 Weekly Notes Pages
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Access to Video and Audio Recordings

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