Audacious Faith

September 18, 2021

11:00am EST

Audacious Faith

Hey guys- class is about to be in session!  For this inaugural LifeStyle Lesson, we are going to focus on faith – well actually audacious faith. 

Women in the Bible

We are going to take a look at one of the women in the bible and how she exhibited audacious faith.

Life Application

Then we are going to extract the lessons from her story so we can apply them in our lives.

What People Are Saying About Shamira

C. Allman

"When women come together to implement and practice the principles of God's word it is a powerful sight!!! 31Modes has inspired me to apply God's word to my life so that I can bring God glory and bear fruit in every season."

T. Whittington

"Her very life is an example of the woman of God I daily try to be. She has taught me that regardless of where I am in my life I can be used by God. She has helped me to grow spiritually and reinforce that the Word in my life is greater than any situation. Shamira has shown me the importance of being around spiritually balanced individuals. She is truly one that does God's work with a pure heart!"

N. Session

"31 Modes had helped me to begin making the transition from the woman that I was to the woman that I want to become. As I have watched the founder of 31 Modes, I have learned that it is possible to be that 31 Modes of A Virtuous woman with due diligence."

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