Choices, we all have them, we all make them. What do your choices say about you? What do your choices say about the God you profess? God has given us free will; the question is what are we doing with it?

When you really think about it, all your choices are rooted in the amount of faith you have. Ponder that! Why haven’t you started that “thing”; whatever that “thing “may be? It’s because of your level of faith. Do you believe you can teach the class? Write the book? Get the promotion? Lose the weight? Start the business? The list is endless, for sure.

Oftentimes we tell the lie that we don’t really want, whatever “it” is. The truth is that we don’t believe we can accomplish it, or that we deserve it, or that we will be successful … If we are honest with ourselves it’s not about us truly not wanting “it”, it’s about us not believing we can be, do, or have it period!

So you begin to tell yourself, I like the size I am(LIE), I don’t want the promotion(LIE), I don’t have time to start the…(LIE) – You know what all these lies have in common? They are based in a lack of faith. At the end of the day, you don’t believe in yourself, and that’s because you don’t believe what God has said about you or what He has said is for you! Bottom line – you don’t believe God!

So what choices are you going to make by faith? Remember you are servant to the choices you make and you must deal with the consequences. So do you choose to live a life of regret because you didn’t do anything? Or live a life of promise and opportunity because you choose to do things By Faith?


Feeding your faith is a daily, lifetime journey. It is not a one shot deal. You can’t live off of someone else’s faith either. That is like thinking you can hold your breath while someone else does the breathing for you – it’s not going to work!!!

Focus on faith today – Read Daniel 3:1-30 also read the parable of the talents…


*31 Modes of A Virtuous Woman will be doing a follow-up workshop on doing things By Faith…stay tuned