What is a Mother?


How can this question be accurately answered? The only way I can begin to attempt this is based upon my experience with my mother and being a mother. My mother is the one who instilled in me the importance of family. Family first period!!! No matter what happens to you in life your family is your family. When I came home from school crying because so and so wasn’t my friend any more – my mother nipped that in the bud with one of her classic lines “I’m your only friend”! That statement along with a few other choice words was what helped me throughout my lifetime, when so called friends showed their true colors. This was a lesson I passed on to my own daughter when she faced these issues. My classic line “You were born by yourself, you don’t have a twin”. She always hated when I told her this but after her Freshman year in college, she called to thank me for instilling in her that friends come and go but family is forever. A lesson learned from my Mommy.

My mother showed me what it is like to have someone in your corner no matter what. Now don’t get me wrong my mother would tear my behind up if no rather when I showed out. Or worse yet, she would hit me that dreaded line “Wait til your father gets home”. However at the end of the day, she was not going to let anyone mess with me. I was what some would call a troublemaker in elementary school; often times getting into fights, and unfortunately putting my parents on a first name basis with the principal. Although I was smart, I was a fighter. I was placed in classes for intellectually gifted children (IGC). Then lo and behold, they wanted to place me in special education. Thank God for my mother who was in my corner and able to point out how absurd the thought was of my going from IGC to special education! Needless to say that didn’t happen and I calmed my fighting down too! I couldn’t possibly list all the ways my mother has supported me throughout my lifetime – that’s just one…

My mother allowed me to experiment with clothes, makeup, etc. So glad there are no pictures floating around with me looking like a clown with the blue eye shadow. There weren’t too many makeup lines for people of color, lol. Probably why I’m not a big fan of makeup now.(Same scenario with alcohol) When I thought I wanted to be a model, she took me to my interview at Barbizon (school for models) and was willing to take out loans so I could go, I decided against. I know though that she would have made it happen, because that is what Mommy’s do – they figure it out!

My mother also instilled the importance of being independent as a woman. So even though she was married – to a wonderful man I might add, she knew how to get things done on her own. So I learned not to wait on a man or anyone else for that matter to get things or get things done. I also learned that life is to be enjoyed. She has always encouraged me to live my life, go to the party, take that vacation, and buy that thing. Whatever it is enjoy your life because, no one is promised tomorrow.

Just a few of the things I learned from my mother, who I know undoubtedly, learned them from my grandmother! So today reflect on some of the things you have learned from mothers, grandmothers, aunts, etc. Be thankful and grateful- it may not all be good, but there are lessons in all of it. For those who no longer have their Mother’s living, these lessons I believe are that much more precious!! Living or not we honor our mother’s by putting into practice that which they taught us.

Have a blessed mother’s day!


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