Multi-Media Learning Program: 10 Hours 


"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." ~ Hebrews 11:1 KJV

A “By Faith” Vision Board is a powerful visual representation of your dreams and desires resting on the foundation of your faith.

Are you ready to experience life walking in your privilege, rather than beneath it? Is the time NOW to reach your goals? Are you ready to step out on faith? Do you feel like sometimes you just need a little push in the right direction to get you there? These are all questions that can be addressed by declaring it boldly with your own personal By Faith Vision Board.

The missing piece for a lot of people though is action. What happens after you cut out all the pretty pictures? Where’s your road map? Where are your action steps to make that happen? Join us for this experience and you will be provided with the necessary action steps.

The By Faith Vision Board Workshop is a unique event which includes multi teleseminars leading up to a full day workshop experience in NYC designed to give you time to get hands on and down and dirty with your vision and goals.

Inspirational music will also be played to get you motivated and focused. The By Faith Vision Board Workshop will allow you to meet new people, network, in a fun, supportive atmosphere!

The information you receive will help you to move from “what now” to “here’s how”. At the end of the By Faith Vision Board Workshop you will take home a visual manifestation of what is to come! Every time you look at it, you will be reminded of the commitment you made to yourself!

Space is limited in order to maintain an intimate setting and allow each participant room to create. Please get your tickets early. Take advantage the early bird pricing while it lasts…

5 TeleSeminars & A Master Class

5 Teleseminars that will help you have powerful focus in your life.

Introductory  Session 1

Duration: 45 minutes

Define & Design

Duration: 45 minutes

Tools of The Trade

Duration: 45 minutes

Faith vs. Fear

Duration: 45 minutes

Your Creative Power

Duration: 45 minutes

 V.I.S.I.O.N. Masterclass

Duration: 90 Minutes

About Shamira

Shamira Gambrell has worked in the field of Social work for over 20 years, helping to empower people from diverse backgrounds and circumstances. She has also served in several leadership positions with the City of NY, which has allowed her to create programs, revise polices and procedure as well as expand current services.  She is a contributing author to the book “Success on God’s Terms”.   She has served within various ministries; GRIP Ministry, Singles ministry and Ministry of Helps.

Shamira Gambrell is an entrepreneur, Spiritual Lifestyle Coach and the Founder of 31 Modes of A Virtuous Woman. 

31 Modes of A Virtuous Woman is a practical break down of some of the characteristics of a Proverbs 31 Woman, as well as the everyday application of how you can develop those characteristics in your life. This journey is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage to stand for what’s righteous especially when it’s not popular. 31 Modes of A Virtuous Woman is a lifestyle; it speaks to the different aspects of how you live your life *Spiritually *Financially *Emotionally *Physically *Intellectually; this is done via various events, teachings and coaching packages; as well as some of our signature programs such as The Virtuous Living Journey,  7- Day Challenges and  our ByFaith Vision Board Parties!

Let’s ignite transformation"

Shamira Gambrell


What People Are Saying...


I was overjoyed the other day when I realized that one of my goals on my By Faith vision board had come to fruition!!

“Shamira carefully planned and executed the workshops so that way participants gain the most from them.  She also practices everything that she puts out for others to try… Well-versed in her teachings they will definitely take you to a place where you will continue to grow not only personally but spiritually.  There was so much information to takeaway; that way when we moved from the actual workshop, participants could continue to review the information that was given and complete the process. 

N. Session (Educator)


If you are ready to take your vision to the next level, don’t miss this workshop!

“There is no other vision board workshop that prepares you with informational/inspirational calls leading up to the actual in person workshop! I took advantage of this By Faith workshop series and as a result my family is the closest to being debt free we have ever been!!! Don’t miss the next one. Looking forward to seeing you there!”

D. Martin (Social Worker)


The proof is in the pudding!!

“I have seen Shamira literally manifest in her life the things that she has put on her board - down to the EXACT kitchen! She demonstrates that if you are willing to put in the work & follow the steps that there is nothing out of your reach or too hard for God to pull off. Also, if you happen to enjoy arts & crafts - the culmination of sessions where we put the board together is chock full of fellowship, laughter & fun!”

K. Howie  (Dailies Technician)


Register Today! Choose Your Plan Below

Basic Registration only $97

  • Access to all the high content pre- event teleseminars- 5 in total;
  • Access to private FB Group
  • Access to LIVE By Faith Vision Board Workshop
  • Refreshments and Inspiring event music 
  • ALL the BFB Vision Board supplies (scissors, magazines, glue, posterboard, stickers, markers, glitter, etc.)- Feel free to bring additional magazines
  • And networking with like-minded supportive women all while creating your powerful ByFaith Vision Board
  • Raffles and Door Prizes
  • An excerpt from the book- Success on God’s Terms

Ruby Registration only $147

  • Basic Registration Benefits plus Exclusive Bonus content:
  • FREE Access to Live V.I.S.I.O.N. Masterclass
  • Access to the ByFaith Vision Board Guidebook which includes over 20 worksheets to guide you along step by step throughout the teleseminars.
  • 30 Day Post Event Accountability Coaching Call
  • 90 Day Post Event Accountability Coaching Call
  • SWAG Bag at Day of Event
  • FREE Access to Success Seminar with Success Coach C. Thomas Gambrell- 3:30-4:30


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