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What You Get in the 135 Page
Be a Blessing Challenge Devotional Journal ...

  • Introduction to Intercessory Prayer
  • Calendar and Checklist for all daily prayer areas of focus
  • Resources page to for you to list specific sources of inspiration
  • Daily Devotional Journal Pages which include:
  • Daily Prayer Topic and Focal Point
  • Scripture Verses Are Printed There For Your Convenience
  • Key Word Of The Day and Reflections
  • Place To Journal Your Daily Impressions and Prayer Insights 
  • Answered Prayer and Praise Report Section
  • Sectional Prayers Every 7 Days
  • Prayers For You
  • Quotes, Affirmations, Pictures Etc.

Plus an Additional BONUS Gift 3: 

Daughter of the King vs. Doubter of the King Checklist

This Devotional Journal allows you to start
The Be A Blessing Prayer Challenge at any time and
 have everything at your fingertips!